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Heat Settings Your hair’s ability to hold curls is not determined by the curling iron itself, but by your hair’s thickness and texture. Many of the best curling irons

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There are a few factors to consider when buying a curling iron — shape, size, temperature and, of course, price. Here, the best curling irons that will help you get

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Five different gorgeous hairstyles, all created with one flat iron.

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Comments about Chi Ceramic 1″ Hairstyling Iron: My asian hair is semi thick and is in between straight and wavy. This iron gives a very clean, sleek and smooth

Updated 9/7/14. With the hair trend of having soft, beachy waves and curls, women are using curling irons to achieve this look. Sometimes the use of a curling iron

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How to Keep Hair from Curling with Humidity. Regardless of your hair type, humid weather can cause your hair to curl and frizz. It is important to start by making

T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing Auto-Rotating Curling Iron, $230. This high-tech curling iron magically senses the movement of your hand (OK, so it’s not magic; it’s

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2017 Best Curling Wands. Are you a woman that really cares about how you look and what you where? Are you always on the go and need a styling tool that is reliable

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